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No Textbooks or Resources Reported for Fall 2019

Herky Hawk

You are receiving the following email as textbooks and/or resources have not been submitted for the following Fall 2019 courses:


A similar email will be sent to the primary instructor of the course(s) today. If you or the instructor have placed a textbook or resource order with the bookstore for these courses and feel that this message was sent in error, please contact the bookstore. The contact information is listed below.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) requires that book titles, ISBN numbers and prices of required and recommended books and other materials for any course are included on the institution's electronic schedule of courses in time for student registration.

The Office of the Provost encourages instructors to place their textbook order by Early Registration with either the Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore, Iowa Book, Prairie Lights, or the ISBA Law Bookstore as the result of an electronic data upload process. When the departmental representative places an order with the chosen location, a data feed of required textbook details including the ISBN will be returned by direct feed into MAUI Offerings Planner. If textbook orders are placed with multiple book stores, all data files will be uploaded to MAUI and duplicate textbook line items will be removed. Once the data feed has been returned to MAUI, a departmental representative will be able to choose which line items are being displayed in MyUI.

For Fall 2019, all textbook and resource orders should be finalized in MAUI by Early Registration (April 8, 2019), but in no event later than four weeks prior to the start of the semester (July 29, 2019) in which the textbook is to be used by students. If textbook or resource orders cannot be placed by this time, departmental representatives now have the option to indicate their extenuating circumstances in MAUI. These options include: instructor not assigned, course under development, or materials not available. Textbook Information is only required for Lecture and Standalone sections. Textbook information is not required for related sections such as: lab, discussion, lab/discussion, and independent study.

Book Store Contact Information for Textbook and Resources Orders

Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore and ICON Direct data files will be uploaded daily and will display on MyUI the following day. Data files from Iowa Book, Prairie Lights, and the ISBA Law Bookstores will only be uploaded as new order requests are received. Please allow 1-2 business days for textbook/resource information to display on MyUI for orders placed at these retailers.

When placing the order with the bookstore, please indicate the following items:
  • Title
  • Author
  • ISBN Number
  • Publisher and Copyright Year
  • Purchasing Option (Required, Recommended, Optional)
    • Please be aware that the Purchasing Option will no longer be able to be updated in MAUI. This information should be provided to the bookstore at the time the order is placed.
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If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact reg-maui-support@uiowa.edu.

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