August 2021 Users Group Meeting Minutes
August 2021 Users Group Meeting Minutes

August 2021 SASUG Meeting Minutes

Time and Location

10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., Thursday, August 5, 2021 - Meeting Recording


  • Inactive Course Review Period

Becky Keogh and Kelly Taylor- Office of the Registrar

Becky Keogh presented on the upcoming inactive course review period. The inactive course review is an annual process that exists to ensure departments review their courses and the university does not advertise courses that will not be offered in the future. The inactive course review process includes a review period for Academic Department Administrators (ADAs) before forms are approved in Workflow by Academic Workflow DDEOs and collegiate administrators.

Academic Department Administrators can mark their calendars to begin reviewing courses Wednesday, September 8 through Tuesday, September 21, 2021. Forms will be sent to Academic Workflow DDEOs beginning Wednesday, September 22 and should be complete by Wednesday, October 13. Comprehensive help documentation has been added to the Inactive Course Review MAUI help page.

  • Distance and Online Education Updates

Matthew Irving and Gillian Cochran on behalf of Laura Sinn- Distance and Online Education

Updates for Student Academic Services User’s Group Presentation by DOE

    • Update to DOE Course Offerings for Spring 2022
        • Use of the word “Online” rather than WWW or World Wide Web in the time location fields (more specifically in “City” field).  The Spring 2022 offerings forward have been updated to reflect the following concept:
          • If the offering is synchronous, the entry will continue to display the time and day of the week with the word “Online” in the City field
          • If the offering is asynchronous, the entry will reflect ARR (time & day) & “Asynchronous Online” in the City field
        • The delivery mode of with “Hybrid” was updated for all DOE courses that have both entries of Face-to-Face and Web Delivery Modes.  The Spring 2022 offerings forward have been updated to reflect this. 
        • The delivery mode of “Virtual Classroom” will be inactivated in MAUI. The offerings will now only reflect “web” moving forward. 
    • Proctored Exams Portal
    • North Campus Test Center
      UI faculty, staff and students are invited to an Open House at the North Campus Test Center on September 1, 2021 from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Come meet the staff and learn about the services provided for the University of Iowa.
  • Online Add Updates and Questions

Cherrie Baird- Office of the Registrar


    • Nightly reminders to departments and advisors – formatting updates
    • Interim Advisors added to nightly Online Registration Request email in addition to primary advisor

The following students have requested a new registration change that requires your attention:

In Progress:

    • OIND sections – ability to initiate add and choose instructor & hours – plan to have this ready for Fall 2021 beginning Day 6.

Section Changes to initiated add in MAUI – can section change an initiated add using MAUI Registration Change Authorization screen. Once add is completed by students a section change is no longer possible. Please use a Change of Registration form with new section instructor signature or an email to with student and course information, new section instructor permission, and we can process the change.

Section and Hours changes in MyUI after the first 5 days in Fall/Spring need to be done with a Change of registration form or an email to with all permissions.

These changes will be added to MyUI when ITS has available time for this project.

Registration Deadlines (last day to drop before dean, etc.) – returning to regular (pre-covid) deadlines. See Academic Calendar for dates.

Any current session Change of Registration process that cannot be completed in MAUI and MyUI can be processed with a Change of Registration form with required signatures or by email to as long as all required permissions are included.

Please contact me with feedback or questions: 384-4038

  • Fall 2021 Commencement and Degree Application Updates

Sara Sullivan- Office of the Registrar

Commencement this December will be in person – dates, times and venues are confirmed and can be found on at

Sara Sullivan can be reached at 319-335-0227 if there are questions, but the best way to get help is by writing

The degree application drives the RSVP and the RSVP is needed for the best experience possible. Please help us spread the word about RSVPing Yes OR NO- to let us know student plans!

Curt Graff- Office of the Registrar

It is important and to students’ advantage they apply to graduate for the semester or session they will complete their final degree requirements. Applying for a wrong semester or session can lead to the following problems:

    1. Students may not be assigned a registration day and time for the semester or session in which they need to take courses to complete their requirements.
    2. Degree applications do not carry-over from one semester or session to a subsequent semester or session. Students may not know or understand they must reapply to graduate for their degree to be conferred.
  • Textbooks and Resources Updates

Jessica Alberhasky- Office of the Registrar, Sherry Sinnott and Kirk Peters- Iowa Hawk Shop

Welcome to Sherry Sinnott and Kirk Peter from the Iowa Hawk Shop.  As you all are aware the Iowa Hawk Shop is now open under Follett management.  To support this partnership, we have a few updates and reminders, when entering your textbook information for fall 2021.

    • If you place orders with a local bookstore, you must also place the same order with the Iowa Hawk Shop.
    • Please do not list other bookstores (local or online) in the Other Resources and Additional Information field. Instead, utilize the course syllabus to provide the information.
      • We will be running a query against MAUI to remove wording referencing local or online resources in the “Other Resources and Additional Information”
      • Clean-up prior to August 16th, for fall 2021 forward.
      • Validation to look for key words such as: “Prairie Lights, “Iowa Book”, or “Amazon” will be added as guidance above this text field.
    • Do not place textbook/resource information in the MyUI Courses or MyUI Sections areas in MAUI. Textbook/resource information added in these areas may be deleted by the Office of the Registrar.
    • Please do not use the Other Resources and Additional Information area to enter ISBN information or book titles. Instead, please order the items through the Iowa Hawk Shop.
    • Can I still recommend vendors other than the Iowa Hawk Shop in syllabi? Yes. You can continue listing other vendors in syllabi.


Academic Calendar

  • The Office of the Registrar is not planning to publish a print calendar in any form. We highly recommend using the online calendars for the most up to date and accurate information available. Calendar information, including the Academic Calendar, are available on our website and also accessible in MAUI/Registrar/Academic Calendar by session.)

Classroom Deadlines and Info

  • The annual Instructional Facilities Governance Report data analysis of course offerings has begun. ADAs, please look for an email Thursday, August, 5.
    • The Office of the Registrar needs your assistance in verification of the Fall 2021 course data in order to fulfill our yearly obligation to the Board of Regents.
    • Please review and complete required modifications by Wednesday, September 1, 2021, at 11:59 pm.

Degree App Deadlines

  • Fall 2021 Degree Applications Deadline for All Degree Candidates on 10/01/2021

General Catalog

  • The historical 2021-22 Catalog PDF will be created in the fall semester and will be available on the Catalog website. More information will be forthcoming regarding updates for the 2022-23 General Catalog.

Grades and Attendance

  • Summer 2021 Final Grades for 6wkII, 8 wk, and 12 wk sub-sessions open 7/28/2021 to 8/11/2021
  • Fall 2021 Attendance Class Lists are open from 09/7/2021 to 09/23/2021
  • Fall 2021 Midterm Class Lists are open 10/7/2021 to 10/21/2021

Offering Planner Deadlines and Updates

  • Summer 2022 Planner closes on 8/9/2021
  • Spring and Summer 2022
    • Offerings Planner reopens for proof period on 09/20/2021
    • MyUI Course Browse and Schedule Builder available on 10/4/2021

Registration Deadlines

  • Fall 2021 Last Day of MyUI Registration without authorization and Waitlist functionality is 8/29/2021
    • Students may make registration changes through the first five days of the semester via MyUI without authorization of an advisor. This option ends at 11:59 p.m. before the sixth business day of the session (Sunday, August 29 at 11:59 p.m. for the Fall 2021 semester). Waitlists will also continue to be active during this time.
    • If waitlist is in effect, instructors should not sign slips to add students to a course. To add a student to the waitlist, the instructor would contact the academic department administrator. If a course is off-cycle, the waitlist ends at 11:59 pm the day before the class starts. At this point approved users will be able to see the waitlist but it will no longer be in use, instructors would sign an add slip to add the student to the course.
    • Reminder: Special Permission Numbers will continue to work through the first five days of the semester via MyUI.
  • Fall 2021 Prerequisite Drop Date for UI Coursework is 8/12/2021 and Non-UI Coursework is 8/18/2021
    • Prerequisite checking - Please be sure students have the appropriate prerequisite special permissions assigned (Permanent, Conditional-Proof Required, or Met-Proof Provided). Notification of potential prerequisite drops will be sent to students ten calendar days prior to the semester for those with Conditional-Proof Required Special Permission. Students who fail to provide proof will be dropped from the course on Wednesday, August 18th.
    • Clarification since meeting: Students can submit a transcript to Admissions for non-UI coursework to be applied to their degree audit.  Re-evaluation of satisfactory completion for students (non-UI coursework and testing placement) with a "Conditional- Proof Required" permission status is no longer completed on a daily basis. 
      • For full semester-length courses: programmatic review for those with "Conditional-Proof Required" permission occurs daily beginning August 11th (seven days prior to the drop date of August 18).
      • Prerequisite drop dates may vary for off-cycle courses (those not meeting the full semester).
  • Winter 2021 and spring 2022 Session Creation is 9/10/2021.
    • At this time, students can be authorized to register, and special permission can be granted.
    • In addition, the Student Billing Agreement restriction will be placed on the students' account.