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CLAS students, 

We are at the ten-week mark of the semester. Another round of midterms is coming and finals will be here before we know it. We hope the semester is going well for you and the resources in this newsletter will help you reach the fall finish line and help you start thinking about next semester. 

Please reach out to CLAS Undergraduate Programs if and when you need us. We'll help you solve academic problems, explore majors and courses, and graduate.  

Student resources

A student speaking with a faculty member

Registration checklist: 5 things you need to do

Registration for the spring semester is coming up quickly. Follow these tips from academic advisors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to ensure you are ready to register and that your schedule is full for the next semester. 


A student studying and writing in a notebook

Exams not go as planned? We can help

If your courses aren't going as well as you want, or you are feeling stressed balancing it all, there is help available! Tap into free campus resources and workshops. Learn about study and test-taking tips, as well as stress reduction and money management.

Students learning in a Korean conversation class

New world language pathways coming

Starting this summer, the new world language “pathways” provide more flexibility for students and encourage them to take advantage of the many world languages and culture courses that the Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and Department of Classics offers. An email with details was sent on Oct.10. Learn about the three ways to fill the world languages requirement by visiting our website. 

Students and professionals in a counseling session.

Well-being and basic needs: Check out these services

When students have a strong sense of well-being, they are better equipped to bring their authentic selves to class, stay physically and mentally prepared, communicate effectively, and achieve higher academically. Browse some of the health, wellness, and basic needs services available to you as a Hawkeye. 

A scholarship application paper copy

Scholarships and financial aid: What you need to know

In addition to the FAFSA and broad scholarships, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences also offers a variety of scholarships to its students. Learn more about the Iowa Scholarship portal, college-specific scholarships, and FAFSA. 

Graduation gown hanging outside of Old Capitol

Don't miss these dates and deadlines

Pay attention and stay on top of important dates and deadlines. Missing these deadlines can impact your ability to drop courses, your U-Bill, financial aid, or graduation status. Be aware of these key dates and mark your calendar now.


Student experiences

An image of a student getting a professional headshot taken.

How to use your fall break to land your first internship

You probably hear the word “internship” tossed around a lot, but what does this mean and why is having one important?  Learn how the helpful staff in the Pomerantz Career Center can assist you in your search for a variety of experiences outside the classroom. 

Peppers growing in a student garden

Student gardens grow beyond west side

The large gardens on the west side will remain, but the smaller east side locations will be used for engagement and education. Those passing by can pick produce while learning about the environment and what it looks like to garden in an urban landscape.  

Students visit Greece as part of a course in CLAS.

Students explore art, history, and architecture in Greece

Students enrolled in the course City of Athens: Bronze Age of Greece spent the spring semester intensively studying ancient Greece. Their reward? Visiting Greece. 

Photos from the CLAS IG account

Students takeover IG

Follow CLAS on IG @uiowaclas. Students are regularly taking over the account to showcase their hobbies, jobs, and areas of study. You can also find links to news and information from the college. Check it out!