General Ledger Master File Key Validation - Enter MFK


Please enter the MFK that you wish to validate in the form below, and press "Submit". You can also (optionally) provide a specific date to check the MFK against.

Each individual chart field that comprises the 40 character MFK must be populated with an existing chart field value in order for the validation tool to retrieve the proper "Result" field message of either "Valid" or "Invalid". This includes if all zeros for a field like Sdept or Oacct for example, will be used for a transaction, then the zeros must be entered, I.e. blanks are not legitimate values for any chart field. In addition, existing valid chart field values must be populated for each chart field for the validation tool to work as expected, E.g. an Iacct of '0000' does not exist so if it's entered to the validation tool, then the Result message will correctly display "Invalid", along with the reason the MFK is invalid.

If the status of a WhoKey is the only information you need, then please use the WhoKey Administration application to look that up.
Fund Org Dept Sdept Grant/Program Iacct Oacct Dacct Fn Cctr


Date (optional): 


Chartfield Descriptions:

If you need assistance with resolving an MFK error, please contact the department that provided or owns the MFK. If the department that owns the MFK needs assistance, please contact Accounting & Financial Reporting.

Note: You can now validate multiple MFK's at once.

Refer to the Developer Documentation information if you are a developer who wants to use this service programmatically to validate MFKs within an application.