Dear CoE Colleagues,

Please join me in congratulating the winners of this year's Research Open House poster awards: 


Popular Choice Awards

1st Place:             

Michal Brzus (PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering), Post-Stroke Lesion Segmentation on Multi-Modal Clinical Data

2nd Place:            

Carley Stewart (PhD, Biomedical Engineering), Measuring Mucociliary Transport in Cystic Fibrosis Porcine Airways

3rd Place:             

Noah Sinclair (BS, Biomedical Engineering), Fibroblast to Myofibroblast Conversion in Preadipocyte and Adipocyte Conditioned Medium


Social Justice Awards

Tanner Grover (PhD, Chemical & Biochemical Engineering), Controlling Oligomer Structure to Direct Photopolymer Network Morphology

David Ramotowski (PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering), Comparison of Functional Gene Abundance and Diversity for Polychlorinated Biphenyl Biodegradation Potential in Contaminated Sediments

Gregory Ewing (PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering), WebHLM: A Client-Side Web Environment for Hydrologic Modelling and Education

Cameron Trentz (MS, Electrical & Computer Engineering), Investigating Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Machine Learning Models for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using SEER Registry Data

Carley Stewart (PhD, Biomedical Engineering), Measuring Mucociliary Transport in Cystic Fibrosis Porcine Airways

Yazeed Alabbad (PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering), Comprehensive Flood Vulnerability Analysis in Urban Communities: Iowa Case Study


Best Posters by Department/Research Center

Biomedical Engineering


Jatin Dhamrait (BS), Association of Airway Geometry with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder

Graduate: (three-way tie) 

Brittany Allen (PhD), Rion Wendland (PhD), and Jacob Thompson (BS), Photopolymerization parameters influence mechanical, microstructural, and cell loading properties of rapidly fabricated retinal scaffolds

Emmanuel Akor (PhD), Pressure-Volume Characteristics of the Acutely Injured Porcine Lung Assessed with Quantitative CT Imaging

Matthew Remy (PhD), Sustained Release of miR-200c from 3D-Printed Gelatin-Coated PCL Scaffolds Induces Bone Regeneration


Center for Bioinformatic & Computational Biology


Sean Ryan (MS) and Chibuzo Nwakama (MS), AudioGene 9: An Ensemble Approach for Predicting Genotype From Hearing Loss Phenotype


Chemical & Biochemical Engineering


Devin Guillory (BS), Measuring and characterizing bacterial responses to drug delivery throughout the lungs


Tanner Grover (PhD), Controlling Oligomer Structure to Direct Photopolymer Network Morphology


Civil & Environmental Engineering


Christopher Brunet (PhD), Emissions of Volatile Methyl Siloxanes From New York City


Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research


Megan Christiansen (PhD) and Dagen Hughes (PhD), Atmospheric aerosols at a rural coastal site during The Lake Michigan Ozone Study (LMOS 2017) 


Creative Kick-Start


Garret Caltrider (BS), Jordan Ewald (BS), Tiffany Tran (BS), and Madeleine Humpal-Pash (BS), See Ya, CIPN: Early Prevention of Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy             


Ryan Mullennex (MS), Translational Pallet for Laser Materials Processing


Electrical & Computer Engineering


Ryan Edwall II (BS) and Daniel Phetmanysay (BS), Automation of Paracentesis Robot Prototype Using a Joint Raspberry Pi-Arduino System Controlled by a Graphical User Interface (GUI)


Bernice Kubicek (PhD), Active Sonar Classification using Canonical Correlation Analysis and Neural Networks


Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging


Subin Erattakulangara (PhD) and Karthika Kelat (PhD), Protocol adaptive Stacked transfer learning (STL) U-NET with small dataset training for soft tissue segmentation in dynamic speech MRI


IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering


Sayre Satterwhite (BS), Characterizing the Boundary Layer and Wave Profiles in the EFRE Wind-Wave Tunnel


Gregory Ewing (PhD), WebHLM: A Client-Side Web Environment for Hydrologic Modelling and Education


Industrial & Systems Engineering


Bill Bangel (PhD), Recycled Paper-Sheet Feedstock for Composite-Based Additive Manufacturing


Iowa Technology Institute


Prabhav Bhatt (BS), Study of Interfacial Strength of 3D-Printed Bi-continuous Piezoelectric Composites


Marco Nino (PhD) and Abdulsattar Al Saedi (PhD), Towards a novel electrodilution catheter for measuring physiological fluid flow rates in the body


Mechanical Engineering


Tatum Johnson (BS), Marine Biofilm Removal via Cephalopod-Inspired Smart Skin


Samantha Bell (PhD) and Bill Bangel (PhD), Automated Manufacturing Process for Carbon Fiber Twisted and Coiled Artificial Muscles (TCAMs)


The students receiving awards will be recognized at the Student Leadership Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, April 27.

Congratulations to the winning posters, and to all the students who participated in this event!


H.S. Udaykumar
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, Research, and Faculty
College of Engineering
University of Iowa

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