News from Staff Council
News from Staff Council

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Summer 2021

Welcome to the New Staff Council Term!

Founded in 1967, UI Staff Council is still going strong evidenced by the kick-off of the 2021-22 term!  The 55 person Staff Councilor group moves forward with 14 new staff joining, 5 re-elected councilors and 36 staff who continue as members.  Please check out the Staff Council Directory for a full listing of Function and Organizational representatives, and learn who the councilors are who represent you!  Read more....

Introducing the Staff Council Executive Committee Members for the 2021-22 Term

As a new Staff Council year is getting underway, it’s a good time to introduce the Executive Committee members for the 2021-22 term.  Staff Council’s purpose is to support the mission of the University of Iowa and to advocate on behalf of University of Iowa staff through participation in shared governance. 55 councilors are elected by the more than 7,900 UI staff and of those 55, nine are elected to the Executive Committee to serve as officers and members at large. Read more...


Staff Council Supports Sustainability Charter Committee Resolution

On July 14th, the University of Iowa Staff Council passed a resolution titled “Resolution of the University of Iowa Faculty Senate and Staff Council urging FRIC and RFIC to ask TIAA to Address Transparency and Sustainability Issues Related to Rural Land Grabs". This resolution was voted on after the council heard presentations from the UI Presidential Sustainability Charter Committee and TIAA/University Human Resources at the June Staff Council Meeting. The resolution was passed by 95 percent of voting councilors. Faculty Council and Faculty Senate had previously passed this resolution as well. Read more...




Campus Spotlight – Law Library

Among all public academic law libraries in the nation, the University of Iowa Law Library has the largest and richest collection of legal resources. As you might guess, this is a big draw for faculty, scholars, students, lawyers, and people from all over the University  community, the State of Iowa, and beyond. In addition to the amazing collection, the Law Library is a unique space. Located within the Boyd Law Building, the Law Library features two 3-story atria that give the library an open and spacious feel, and that provide lots of natural light to enhance the work and study spaces. Law-trained librarians are available to assist users, and there’s ample technology to retrieve and collect research materials. As campus reopens this fall, take a trip to the building on the bluff and check out the UI Law Library!

Staff Council Celebrates Staff Longevity Milestones

Staff Council is pleased to celebrate and acknowledge our Professional and Scientific and Merit/Supervisory/Confidential staff who have reached 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50+ years of continuous service through our service-recognition program.  Longevity Award winners receive a certificate and letter of appreciation from the Office of the President. See the January - June recipients in a recent edition of Iowa Now.