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Missions of Mercy were first launched in Virginia in 2000, and one of our esteemed alumni played a significant role in those early missions of mercy. The events are focused on helping underserved populations of adults and children receive dental care that they would otherwise be unable to access. The Iowa Mission of Mercy carries on this legacy and as a college, we play a prominent role in ensuring that it serves the people of Iowa well. Thank you to those who have already volunteered to serve—it matters and makes a difference, but we still need more volunteers. We are in great need of additional faculty members and residents who are able to oversee our dental students as they provide care. The college is focusing its efforts to provide care on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at the Iowa State Fair Grounds in Des Moines. Please join colleagues and students as we help provide access to care for underserved populations. Cheers! ~Clark Stanford

Dental students at the 2019 IMOM

Updates for September 30, 2022–October 6, 2022

John Warren receiving the 2022 Educator of the Year award

2022 Educator of the Year: Dr. John Warren, DDS, MS

John Warren (’81 BS, ’86 DDS, ’91 MS) epitomizes the quintessential dental educator. As a gifted researcher, a leader in his specialty, an experienced clinician, and a dedicated instructor and mentor, he brings on all these qualities together for the good of his students. Because he has made a significant impact at Iowa and in Dental Public Health, the University of Iowa Dental Alumni Association and the College of Dentistry have selected John Warren as the 2022 Educator of the Year.

Aerial view of the Dental Science Building

University District Dental Society hosting meeting at the college

The next University District Dental Society meeting is Thursday, October 6, beginning at 6:00 p.m. in room W220 of the Dental Science Building. This is the ideal time to network with dentists from across the district and Iowa Dental Association (IDA) leadership. Dental students are welcome to attend the meeting to experience a local dental society meeting. IDA will provide an update on issues impacting dentists. We hope to see you there!

Akimasa Tsukimoto

Daily Iowan features Nakao Foundation Research Grant

The Daily Iowan published a story about Akimasa Tsujimoto's two-year research project aimed at finding the best material for long lasting restoration in teeth fillings for adults aged 65 and up. The research project is supported by the Nakao Foundation. Read the article in its entirety in the Daily Iowan.

YouTube Video about patient-centered care

Why Iowa: Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care is a way of thinking and providing care by taking into consideration the preferences, beliefs, and values of the person. Focusing on the elements of care, support and treatment by using health and social services as equal partners. Patients and their families are at the center of decisions. From the dental student curriculum to our graduate training programs and our clinics, person-centered care is at the heart of who we are. 

Lauren Pfab

The College of Dentistry welcomes Lauren Pfab

Lauren Pfab is a new Support Services Specialist in Clinic Administration and will be working in the Call Center. She previously worked at private dental practices in the Iowa City area. She is engaged to Daniel and has two sons and a daughter, Chase (9), Cooper (7), and Peyton (11). She currently resides in Tipton but was born and raised in Iowa City. She loves to travel with her family in her spare time, enjoys football (Go Hawks!!), working in her yard, fishing and just spending anytime outdoors.  She is thrilled to be a part of the College of Dentistry team!

Dessie Barraclough review

Kudos to you!

Dessie Barraclough's review: "Very helpful staff and they do great work. Thank you."


Collaborative and innovative research

Morio KA, Sternowski RH, Zeng E, Brogden KA. Antimicrobial Peptides and Biomarkers Induced by Ultraviolet Irradiation Have the Potential to Reduce Endodontic Inflammation and Facilitate Tissue Healing. Pharmaceutics. 2022 Sep 19;14(9):1979. doi: 10.3390/pharmaceutics14091979. PMID: 36145725; PMCID: PMC9503046.

The research team is exploring using ultraviolet (UV) irradiation as a treatment for endodontic infections and inflammation in root canals. UV irradiation can improve a patient's immune response, and this research explores whether it will be effective in an endodontics context. The researchers compiled datasets regarding how endodontic tissue molecules are affected by UV. They found 32 UV-induced molecules, and using ingenuity pathway analysis found that these molecules were related to the activation of innate and immune mechanisms. The authors indicated that this suggests that UV irradiation may supplement endodontic procedures to reduce infection, inflammation, and pain and improve healing.

Gil Lilly

Hawkeye trailblazers: Gil Lilly

In 1975, Gil Lilly (1931-2002) came to the University of Iowa as a professor and chair of the Department of Oral Pathology, Radiology, and Medicine. A former colleague, William Johnsen, highlighted Lilly's extensive contributions to dentistry at Iowa. Lilly changed how oral pathology was taught—he would bring three projectors with 35 mm slides on a kitchen cart into Galagans. The teaching was driven by clinical cases with the first projector showing a patient's medical and clinical history, the second showing the patient's relevant features, and the third showing radiographs. Using a pool cue to point to students, he used the Socratic method to draw out the best from his students. He was also an avid Hawkeye fan, and he enjoyed using the same teaching methods in Continuing Education courses before Iowa games. He would get tickets for those attending the course, and afterwards, they would all head out to the Northeast corner of the parking lot by the building to tailgate. The area is now marked by the Lilly bench because of this history. Dean Stanford when hearing this recounted said, "Having had Dr. Lilly myself I recall the three projectors and the pool cue very well." If you have similar historical insights like this, please feel free to share them by replying to the Hawkeye Smile. We are building on the legacy of excellence from those who came before us.


September 30, CE Course: Elevating Patient-Centered Restorative Care: Integrating Technology and Biology to Optimize Outcomes

October 1, Pregame Professional Program (Michigan)

October 1, Alumni Tailgate, Iowa v Michigan

October 3, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

October 11, Sriram Ravindran, “Engineering and Delivery of MSC Exosomes for Bone Repair," hosted by Clark Stanford, Galagan B, 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m.

October 14, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

October 18, Bruno Lima, “Investigating Streptococcus gordonii surface protein regulation and biofilm formation," hosted by Cristina Vidal, Galagan B, 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m.

October 21, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

October 28, CE Course: Pediatric Dentistry Legends in the Fall

October 29, Pregame Professional Program (Northwestern/University Homecoming)

October 29, Alumni Tailgate, Iowa v. Northwestern (University Homecoming)

November 4-5, Iowa Mission of Mercy, Des Moines

November 8, Shillpa Naavaal, “Oral Health and Pregnancy: Role of Programs, Policies, and Practices in Supporting Women's Oral Health and Overall Health," hosted by Julie Reynolds, via Zoom only, 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m.

November 11, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

November 11, CE Course: A Full Day Endodontic Experience

November 12, Pregame Professional Program (Wisconsin)

November 16, Virtual Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

November 29, Paule Joseph, “Investigating the Chemical Senses (Taste, Smell, and Chemesthesis): Clinical Applications," hosted by Sukirth Ganesan, Galagan B, 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m.

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Lend a helping hand. Due to medical issues, Stacey Jones has exhausted her sick leave and vacation. If you would like to help Stacey by contributing vacation time, please go to the following website: CAT Leave, and click on “Catastrophic Leave Donation Form.”

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