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June is the celebratory month of PRIDE. The concept of PRIDE grew out of the AIDS epidemic where a community came together to care for each other when no one else would. A time of respect for those living, those who have passed and those in the struggle. PRIDE is more than a parade, a ribbon or rainbow-colored mug (although, these are nice). PRIDE is a statement a community can have a range of diverse voices but when a member is in trouble, we take care of each other! The College of Dentistry community is composed of a range of voices and this diversity makes us stronger. It also speaks to the need for us to respect each other, and the professional civility needed in the care of our patients, our discovery research, and the services we provide to our communities. Thank you all for what you do, day-to-day, as a proud Hawkeye! Cheers! ~Clark Stanford

Cambus decorated for Pride

Updates for June 24, 2022–June 30, 2022

Orthodontics residents and faculty at the case competition

Iowa captures 7th straight win at national competition!

Iowa orthodontics residents are like Alabama in NCAA football. At the American Association of Orthodontists Annual Meeting in May, orthodontics residents from the University of Iowa presented orthodontics cases of patients they have treated during their time at Iowa. Since 2014, Iowa has placed well in every such competition, including a second place finish this year.

Clark Stanford presenting Collegiate Teaching Award to Marcos Vargas

Marcos Vargas receives Collegiate Teaching Award

On June 22, Dean Clark Stanford presented Marcos Vargas, professor in family dentistry, with the 2022 Collegiate Teaching Award. This award recognizes a faculty member who exhibits an “outstanding contribution to dental students’, graduate students’ or residents’ intellectual and professional development.”

Student researchers at the AADOCR

Iowa's Dental Student Research Group names outstanding student researcher and mentor

The Dental Student Research Group at the University of Iowa is one of the premier programs in the country. At its 2022 spring meeting, the numerous accomplishments of Iowa's dental student researchers were showcased. Among others recognized, Chichi Adeleke received the award for Outstanding Dental Research, and Emilio Couso-Queiruga was named Mentor of the Year.

Faculty and Residents of the Year with D2 students in a classroom

Second-year dental students recognize faculty and residents of the year

Each year, second-year dental students select faculty and residents for their work as teachers over the course of the D2 curriculum. This year, they selected Nidhi Handoo and Salah Abuhammoud as faculty of the year, and Derrick Bisnett and Veronica Sule as residents of the year. 

Mike Callan with taking a selfie with a Scout trooper behind him in front of the main entrance to the College of Dentistry

One scout, two scout... OH MY!

Have you ever wanted a guided tour of the college from one of our illustrious faculty? Mike Callan, assistant professor in orthodontics, gave some scouts this grand treatment on Saturday, June 11. What Callan thought was going to be a few scouts ended up being the whole troop! Thanks for being a great ambassador for the college, Mike! When's your next tour? 💛🖤 

YouTube video about Why Iowa: We Help Others Succeed

Why Iowa: We Help Others Succeed

Each Hawkeye is unique and has a different set of needs. Hawkeyes know that we all grow best by supporting and helping one another.  


Eileen K.'s review

Kudos to you!

Eileen K. said: "Students at the Dental college are friendly and explain what needs to be done before they do it. I'm in family dentistry section and get the same student for my dental care each year. I enjoy meeting these new students and hope I am hoping to further their career as well as getting low cost care thats overseen by their instructors."

Journal Cover

Collaborative and innovative research

Craig TW, Comnick CL, Leary KS, Hartshorn JE, Johnsen DC, Marchini L. A tool for incorporating interprofessional perspectives into dental students decision-making: A 2-year follow-up on this learning outcome. Clin Exp Dent Res. 2022 Jun 19. doi: 10.1002/cre2.615. PMID: 35719016.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the college developed a framework for evaluating its efforts to educate students on the need for and use of other professional health-care providers during dental care. The initial evaluation was administered during a Geriatric and Special Needs Program rotation. Like several other oral-health care disciplines, geriatric and special needs care is complex and involves numerous other health-care partners. The initial results from the first year of study indicated that students were effectively able to identify when and who to contact for particular cases. This study expanded the data for two more years and showed that the promising results from the first year were mirrored in subsequent years. In particular, the teaching model effectively taught students to systematically ask and respond to questions that were important for every member of the health care team for a given patient.    

Old Dental Room at the Free Medical and Dental Clinic

Hawkeye Trailblazers: Commemorating Juneteenth

The National holiday of Juneteenth was commemorated this past Monday. Although Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation was official on January 1, 1863, it did not become a reality for all enslaved people until June 19, 1865 when Union soldiers arrived to enforce it. Juneteenth commemorates when their freedom became a reality. Freedom and justice happen not when words are said or written, but when reality is changed to match those words. Commemorating Juneteenth with our words is valuable, but it is much more important to change our reality so that it matches those words. Affordable and accessible health care, including dental care, is a central part of bringing our reality in line with our words about justice. To that end, the Iowa City Free Medical and Dental Clinic is a long-term partner with both the college and local commemorations of Juneteenth in Iowa City, including this past Saturday’s event at Mercer Park in Iowa City where the Free Clinic had a table. The Free Clinic’s work and the college’s ongoing partnership with the clinic since 1997 is a small step toward making our reality match our ideals. We recognize that there are many more small and big steps that we can and will take.


July 22, Noon Presentation: Oliver D. Kripfgans and Hsun-Liang Chang, Anatomical and Functional Real-time Soft Tissue Imaging is Real!, Galagan A, 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m.

August 5, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

August 11, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

August 26, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

September 8, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

September 9, CE Course: Olin Family Visiting Lectureship, Peter Nordland, Utilization of Periodontal Plastic Surgery to Assist in the Esthetic Outcome.

September 10, Pregame Professional Program, Iowa v. Iowa State.

September 15, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

September 16, Alumni Reunion Weekend Reunion and CE-Classes Ending in 2s and 7s (details forthcoming)

September 17, Pregame Professional Program, Iowa v. Nevada (University Family Weekend)

September 17, Alumni Weekend Tailgate, Iowa v. Nevada

September 23, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

September 30, CE Course: Elevating Patient-Centered Restorative Care: Integrating Technology and Biology to Optimize Outcomes

October 1, Pregame Professional Program (Michigan)

October 1, Alumni Tailgate, Iowa v Michigan

October 3, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

October 14, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

October 21, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

October 28, CE Course: Pediatric Dentistry Legends in the Fall

October 29, Pregame Professional Program (Northwestern/University Homecoming)

October 29, Alumni Tailgate, Iowa v. Northwestern (University Homecoming)

November 4-5, Iowa Mission of Mercy, Des Moines

November 11, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

November 11, CE Course: A Full Day Endodontic Experience

November 12, Pregame Professional Program (Wisconsin)

November 16, Virtual Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

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