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As we begin a new academic year, you'll see many new faces in our hallways, classrooms, and clinics. We want to welcome our new students, residents, faculty, and staff. Our team is the heart and soul of our college. If you don't know someone, please introduce yourself to welcome new members of our community. We know that it's our people who make all the difference. I look forward to getting to know each of you and we appreciate each of your contributions to our college. Cheers! ~Clark Stanford

Updates for July 29, 2022–August 4, 2022

Hayley Harvey

Alumnae honored as 2022 Women of Influence

As section chief and director of dental education at Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines, Hayley Harvey ('94 DDS, '96 MS) has long been a champion for improving access to and improving overall oral health care for underserved populations. The Business Record selected her as a 2022 Women of Influence for these efforts. Harvey has been a devoted and passionate advocate for the University of Iowa College of Dentistry saying that attending dental school at Iowa was the best decision of her life. 

Aliasger Salem

Dentistry-affiliated faculty exploring new methods to fight cancer

Researchers at Iowa have discovered a new strategy for fighting cancer. Charged nanoparticles combined with a vaccine effectively eliminated tumors or extended the life span in cancerous mice. The new approach may realize the promise of vaccine to treat cancer. The research team is also exploring using a different technology to accomplish a similar goal—that is, increasing immune infiltration to fight oral cavity cancer.

Nicole McGlynn

Dentistry's new social worker

Nicole McGlynn began her position as a social worker for the college in June. In her role, she helps patients and families overcome barriers to dental care. Common barriers addressed include: transportation to dental appointments, financial assistance for dental treatment, legal guardianship and informed consent, and language barriers. She also helps veterans access resources for dental care. If you are directing patients to her, please use the college's social work email address.

Anvita Maharishi

The College of Dentistry welcomes Anvita Maharishi

Anvita Maharishi received her dental degree (2009) from Devi Ahilya University, and completed a graduate certificate in oral implantology from Indira Gandhi National Open University, both in India. After maintaining a private practice for five years, she pursued advanced clinical training in esthetic and restorative dentistry at UCLA and earned a master's degree in biomaterials and clinical dentistry science from the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Dentistry. She then completed advanced graduate education in prosthodontics at Harvard School of Dental Medicine earning a master's degree in medical science specializing in oral biology. In June, Maharishi joined the Department of Family Dentistry as an assistant professor. 

Thiago Porto

The College of Dentistry welcomes Thiago Porto

Thiago Soares Porto joined the Department of Operative Dentistry as an assistant professor on June 30.  He received his DDS in 2004 from the University of Ribeirao Preto School of Dentistry in Brazil, and he earned a Master of Science in Restorative Dentistry (2006), completed a residency in Implant Prosthodontics (2008), and a doctorate in Dental Sciences/Restorative Dentistry (2016) from Sao Paulo State University Araraquara School of Dentistry. 

He will be treating patients in the Faculty General Practice and teaching in our pre-doctoral clinics.

Alex Hsieh

Alex Hsieh awarded IDF Scholarship

The Iowa Dental Foundation (IDF) awarded seven scholarships this year, including five scholarships to dental students at the University of Iowa and two scholarships to dental hygiene students. The IDF is spotlight the dental student winners each week, including this week's Alex Hsieh.

Excerpt: "I walked an unconventional path to dentistry. After graduating from Grinnell College with a double major in Theatre & Dance and Chemistry, I worked as an Assistant Technical Director building sets and making stage props, and then as a scientist at a renewable energy startup. My interest in dentistry didn’t take root until a work trip in Washington State where I stayed at a young dentist’s AirBnB. While shadowing him between work, I found that dentistry combined many aspects that I enjoyed in theater and renewable energy. There were opportunities aplenty to connect with others, work with one’s hands, and provide a service that tangibly and directly improved the quality of fellow community-members’ lives. As I prepare to enter my fourth year, I can easily say that coming back to school was the right decision."

Melissa Christy

The College of Dentistry welcomes Melissa Christy

Melissa Christy is a new Support Services Specialist in Clinic Administration and will be working the front desk in Family Dentistry. She was born, raised, and currently resides in Cedar Rapids, IA. She lives with her cat Atticus (who is her fur-child) as well as her partner, Eric, who is a firefighter in North Liberty and wildland firefighter with the DNR. She is very excited to be part of the College of Dentistry team!

Sarah Kopp

The College of Dentistry welcomes Sarah Kopp

Sarah Kopp is a new Support Services Specialist for the College of Dentistry. She will be working at the front desk for both Orthodontics and Operative. Although she is new to the College of Dentistry, she is not new to the UIHC. In fact, she has been an employee at the UIHC Hospitals and Clinics for about 12 years. As a single mom who was born and raised in the Iowa City area, she is also very close with her family. Raised in a larger family, she is at home with chaotic situations. She has a son, Aedan (15) who is currently a student at City High School. She is a prolific reader, loves sci-fi and listens to almost all genres of music (recommendations for new bands are encouraged.) She is excited to join our team at the College of Dentistry and looks forward to meeting the rest of the team.

Christine Sindt Looking at a microscope

Collaborative and innovative research

Collaboration between the contact lens clinic in UIHC and the College of Dentistry led Christine Sindt, OD, FAAO, to develop a new technology to treat the eye disease keratoconus—a condition where the cornea is weakened or irregularly shaped. Sindt compares it to a worn-out knee on a pair of jeans. She wanted to create a solution that’s “just like a patch.” 

“It’s not going to create a new pair of jeans, but you can still wear them with the patch,” she says. 

That started a 20-year journey to figure out how to create a kind of clear eye patch—a new contact lens.

"That outdated approach led Sindt to the UI College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics. Faculty and staff taught her about impression materials and compounds used for teeth, which prompted her to call companies that make impression compound materials. 

She also got help from the dental college’s prosthodontics department and used their high-resolution scanner. She talked to chemists about what she wanted to do and what would work and be safe to put on an eye."  

Lee Bomgaars' dental student model

Hawkeye history: The changing models of dental education

Lee Bomgaars ('63 DDS) generously provided a photos and a description of materials used during his first year of dental school. 

"During our freshman operative dental classes we carved out a left upper and lower arch dentition from small PLASTIC BLOCKS. These "teeth" were wax mounted in aluminum casts within a hinge movable articulator to create a functioning occlusion articulation. The second semester we performed all of the restorative restorations within these "virgin plastic teeth." In some cases during the restoration process the tooth would be fractured and the student would have to go to Patterson Dental to buy a new plastic block and fabricate a new tooth to place the required restoration. Iowa dental students certainly learned the anatomy of every tooth, and were required to describe it in detail from both sides of the mouth. Not only with every line angle but slope as well. Our instructors were Doctors Leland Anderson and Ernest Sahs. We were issued aluminum casts, course-grained files and a black smith apron the first day of class, boy were we confused."


August 5, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

August 11, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

August 26, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

September 8, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

September 9, CE Course: Olin Family Visiting Lectureship, Peter Nordland, Utilization of Periodontal Plastic Surgery to Assist in the Esthetic Outcome.

September 10, Pregame Professional Program, Iowa v. Iowa State.

September 15, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

September 16, Alumni Reunion Weekend Reunion and CE-Classes Ending in 2s and 7s (details forthcoming)

September 17, Pregame Professional Program, Iowa v. Nevada (University Family Weekend)

September 17, Alumni Weekend Tailgate, Iowa v. Nevada

September 23, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

September 30, CE Course: Elevating Patient-Centered Restorative Care: Integrating Technology and Biology to Optimize Outcomes

October 1, Pregame Professional Program (Michigan)

October 1, Alumni Tailgate, Iowa v Michigan

October 3, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

October 14, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

October 21, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

October 28, CE Course: Pediatric Dentistry Legends in the Fall

October 29, Pregame Professional Program (Northwestern/University Homecoming)

October 29, Alumni Tailgate, Iowa v. Northwestern (University Homecoming)

November 4-5, Iowa Mission of Mercy, Des Moines

November 11, Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

November 11, CE Course: A Full Day Endodontic Experience

November 12, Pregame Professional Program (Wisconsin)

November 16, Virtual Fall 2022 Interview Day for Prospective DDS Students

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