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Xi Chen and his research team

Incorporating Dental Care into Palliative Care

Palliative care is a specialized form of health care that attempts to meet the needs of the whole patient, taking into account each patient’s values and goals to make informed decisions about managing pain and treatments. Xi Chen is bringing insights about palliative care to dentistry, focusing on improving oral health awareness, relieving pain, and helping a patient live as well as possible for the rest of their life. Originally published in the Fall 2021 Dental Link.

Bob Williams and Jerilee Williams with their dogs

Alumni Provide Funds for Advanced Training Opportunities in Operative Dentistry

Bob Williams (’73 D.D.S.) and Jerilee Williams generously donated $150,000 to the Operative Dentistry Advanced Education Program to support, promote and achieve excellence in Operative Dentistry through enhanced training opportunities provided through the Advanced Education Program and its residents.  

A computer showing the Patient-Centered Dental Home clearinghouse

Patient-Centered Dental Home, Dental Quality Indicators Clearinghouse Release

The University of Iowa Public Policy Center's Patient-Centered Dental Home project is designed to improve the organization and delivery of dental care in a variety of care settings and in an integrated manner with other health care services. As part of this project, the PPC developed an interactive, online PCDH Clearinghouse of approximately 500 oral health quality measures and standards, which is now available.

Emily Lanzel with equipment

UI Oral Cancer Researcher Receives Grant to Improve Machine Learning for Cancer Evaluation

Emily Lanzel received a grant in collaboration with the University of Chicago to use digital pathology slides to improve machine learning algorithms for use as a tool to evaluate the risk of cancer.

Attendees of the International Pot Luck

The College of Dentistry Hosts an International Potluck

With a wide variety of dishes from around the world, the International Affairs and Planning Committee and the Officer for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion hosted an International Potluck where faculty, staff, students, and residents brought international dishes to share with colleagues and friends. The celebration was a part of the university-wide celebration of International Education Week.

Lisa Lackman

The College of Dentistry Welcomes Lisa Lackman

Lisa Lackman is a Support Service Specialist in Operative Dentistry and Preventive and Community Dentistry. She previously worked at Mercy Hospital as a financial counselor and personal banker. She is married to Bob, has two children and a son in-law, and an ABSOLUTLEY ADORABLE Cockapoo Gatsby! Their daughter, Kirby, is a third-grade teacher at Hillside Elementary School in West Des Moines and their son-in-law, Kyle, is a Software Architect for Ibotta. They live in Ankeny. Their son, Spencer graduated in May in International Relations (Regional Politics and Relationships) and will be attending graduate school. They have lived in Coralville for the past twenty years, and they are thrilled to announce they will have their first grandchild in April! Lisa is happy to be at the college.


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