We hope you had a great break and an okay start to the semester!

As always, we are here for faculty support with instructional technology
and helping coordinate the use of our spaces and resources! 

If the CLCL can help you, let us know!


The CLCL manages and maintains a number of instructional spaces! The CALL Lab (PH 17) and the testing centers (PH 18 and 18A) are some of the spaces most used by faculty for productive assessment and practice! The main CLCL space in PH 120 includes an event space, a student space, and small study rooms with audio/visual technology. Feel free to contact Andy Lewis about these spaces if you're interested!


We are starting work on our podcast this semester! Look out for that later this month! We will spotlight Division contributions to the field (e.g., research, creative work, service). We will also focus on different languages taught in the Division that can hopefully provide additional resources for faculty. If you've reached out, we will be in contact! Feel free to contact Andy Lewis if you wish to collaborate!


On Saturday, March 23rd, the Center for Translation and Global Literacy (CTGL) is hosting the Summit on Community-Based Interpreting designed to offer community-based translators and interpreters in Iowa a professional development opportunity to support their work. The intended audience is those with little to no formal training who wish to learn about key practices for working in the community. The deadline for application is Feb. 15th.


The CLCL has purchased a subscription to Elicit, software meant to "automate time-consuming research tasks like summarizing papers, extracting data, and synthesizing your findings." If you have already tried this tech or are interested in learning more about it, you can contact the CLCL and see where we are with it.


Director Claire Frances works with faculty and staff to support language education throughout the Division. Recently, she has worked with Division staff in writing STF grants for upgraded technology for the CALL Lab and the CLCL's technology checkout.

Claire also oversees three concierges who are assigned to a department and have additional special projects. They can help with tech and ICON issues, website updates, and event scheduling. Ultimately, we're all here to support you! If you have any questions, you can e-mail your (or just a) concierge at any time!

Jack Doden
Departments: Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Linguistics
Projects: Virtual Reality, Podcasting, CLCL Spaces and Equipment

Andy Lewis
Departments: French and Italian, German, International Studies, Translation
Projects: Newsletter, Computer Labs, Directed Independent Language Study (DiLS)

Luke Whitaker
Departments: Spanish and Portuguese, Latin American Studies
Projects: Iowa Intersections

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