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David Johnsen Holding a Welcome Sign in front of the Dental Science Building

Twenty-Six Years of Our Together Accomplishments

The past twenty-six years have been a testament to the lasting influence of the College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics' “together accomplishments” during David Johnsen’s tenure as dean. Johnsen stepped down from his role as dean last June, and he left Iowa’s only dental college and thus the profession of dentistry in Iowa in capable hands with a proud legacy and bright future. Originally published in the Fall 2021 Dental Link.

Erliang Zeng

Iowa Computational Biology Researcher Receives USDA Grant to Study Drought Resistance in Plants

A particular species of grass that is common across the Great Plains in the United States has many genetically different strains. These strains respond differently to drought and related environmental challenges, and Erliang Zeng, associate professor in the Iowa Institute for Oral Health Research, is working with a biologist at Kansas State University, to develop computational modeling and bioinformatic tools for data analysis to identify drought-resistant genes and their patterns in strains of the grass. The overall aim of the research is to improve our understanding of the mechanism about how organisms adapt to severe conditions such as drought and recommend traits for further genetic development. 

Salah Abuhammoud

Dentistry Receives Two Innovation Challenge Awards

The University of Iowa John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center announced their Fall Innovation Challenge Awards, which included two dentistry-related proposals. These awards are aimed at identifying and supporting the most innovative and entrepreneurial projects in a university-wide competition. Dentistry's award winners were Salah Abuhammoud and Melika Farshard.

Joyce Francois

Joyce Francois: Dentistry's Latest College Ambassador

For over 40 years, Joyce Francois has worked for the College of Dentistry and been a cornerstone in the Department of Operative Dentistry. She began at the College of Dentistry in 1978 as a dental assistant, began working with faculty and residents in Operative Dentistry in 1981, and after completing the Kirkwood Dental Hygiene Program in 2006, began serving as a dental hygienist in both operative dentistry clinics and the Faculty General Practice. Since then she has completed both level I and II of the Expanded Functions Dental Assistant training, giving her the ability to perform more functions in our clinics. Her expertise and experience in making trays and wax ups keeps her busy fulfilling requests in both areas. She uses this experience to help operative residents learn the art of bleach tray fabrication early in their residency. Anyone who has had the privilege of being her patient—and she sees many College of Dentistry employees!—or worked with her knows that she is a model of professionalism, precision care, and kindness.

Oral Science

Congratulations to Dr. Krongbaramee and Dr. Kim!

On November 29, Tadkamol Krongbaramee successfully defended her dissertation, Application of miR-200c for oral and craniofacial therapeutic purposes, under the direction of Liu Hong

On November 23, Yun Jung Kim successfully defended her Master's thesis, Evaluation of the effect of fluoride topical agents on the prevention of demineralization adjacent to resin modified glass ionomer restorations in vitro, under the direction of Justine Kolker.

Congratulations to both!


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Dec 7, Research Seminar: Ronke Akinkugbe, VCU, “Table 2 Fallacy in Oral Health Literature,” hosted by Susan McKernan, via Zoom, 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m.

Dec 7, PhD Defense: Aparna Ingleshwar, Evaluating the dental care access impacts of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Medicaid expansion and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) among low-income adults in the U.S., mentored by Peter Damiano, W220B DSB and via Zoom, 9:45 a.m.

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