News from the School of Art and Art History
News from the School of Art and Art History

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Ceramics students and faculty recently presented and participated in the second annual CIRCA (Consortium for Intercollegiate Research in the Ceramic Arts) symposium at The University of Colorado, Boulder. 

CIRCA is a new and evolving intercollegiate ceramics collective dedicated to connecting research university ceramics programs through dialog and exchange.

The group features a yearly symposium and a funded two-week graduate student residency program for 1-2 students from participating institutions.

See more photos @uiowaceramics.


Printmaking held exciting events at New York Print Week in October. Spotlight on Iowa | The Robert Blackburn Print Making Workshop Welcomes Current Students from the University of Iowa highlighted student work through an open portfolio and honored the legacy between the RBPW and his contemporaries, Elizabeth Catlett, Mauricio Lasansky, and Virginia Myers.

A pop-up event was held at David Krut Projects, New York, where visitors could browse prints by current graduate and undergraduate students and learn more about their art.

Visit @uiowaprint to learn more.

Design Forum

3D Design faculty and alumni founded the collective Design Forum and exhibited at London Design Fair 2023 in September, the UK’s largest and most influential design fair.

Design Forum’s exhibition included lamps, candle holders, a wall installation, and vases inspired by typographic architectural forms. The collective includes:

Monica Correia (Professor and Area Head, 3D Design)
Suzanne Bradley (Lecturer, 3D Design)
Vako Darjania (Lecturer, 3D Design)
Justin Bailey (MFA 2016)
Vinicius Lima (MFA 2009)

Thalassa Raasch

Thalassa Raasch (Assistant Professor of Photography) has brought honeybees to the third-floor balcony of the Visual Arts Building to explore interspecies art. Their project was recently featured in the Daily Iowan.

“As much as I would like to have expectations of the bees, I’m always sort of delighted when they subvert those,” Raasch says.

Image: @thalassaraasch

June Deo

June Deo (BFA Graphic Design student) and her recent exhibition, “The Adventure of Snora,” are featured in the Daily Iowan.

Deo’s exhibit included digital paintings, animation, and a shifting perspective image of her character Snora. After graduating this December, Deo will pursue the release of her comic book under the same title.

“You will overcome every challenge you meet. That’s the story of Snora,” Deo says. “I want to convey in my comic that you can do anything.”

Explore Deo’s website and Instagram.

Stella Deo

Stella Deo (BFA Graphic Design student) showcased her love for her beautiful hometown of Đà Lạt, Vietnam, in her recent exhibition, “The Flower,” at the Visual Arts Building.

Inspired by “The City of Eternal Spring” and other places she visited, Deo's show included a collection of pottery with handmade flower arrangements, carefully crafted digital paintings, and a vibrant flower arch that took her three months to make.

Learn more about Deo's art in the Daily Iowan and visit her website and Instagram

Alumni News

Laura Farahzad Mayer

Laura Farahzad Mayer (MFA Graphic Design and Printmaking 2022) is the new full-time assistant professor of Communication Design at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD).

Farahzad Mayer is an accomplished instructor and designer whose unique skills include hand rendered typography. Her personal practice focuses on making work that questions and explores her connections with her family, past, and Iranian-American upbringing in rural Wisconsin. | @lfarahzad

Susanna Crum

Susanna Crum (MFA Printmaking 2012) will be in the group exhibition H20 at The Painting Center in New York City, opening November 30. Her featured work is a celestial globe based on traditional knowledge of planting by the signs.”

Crum is a co-founder of Calliope Arts Printmaking Studio & Gallery in Louisville, KY, and Associate Professor of Fine Arts at Indiana University Southeast, where she is area head of the Printmaking program. See more on her website and Instagram.

Jenna Brownlee

Jenna Brownlee (BFA Graphic Design 2008) was selected to paint the Iowa City Municipal Airport mural.

“Flights Through Time” highlights Iowa City's 100+ years of aviation history. The 300-foot-long mural can be seen on the side of the aircraft hangar facing South Riverside Drive. Learn more in the Daily Iowan.

See more of Brownlee's public art on her website and Instagram.

Thomas Colbert

Thomas Colbert (MFA Painting and Drawing 1979) is in the group exhibition Our Living Woods at Dorflinger Factory Museum, PA.

“I have painted all my life and find that painting is magical," he says. "I aim to elevate the ordinary to become something special.”

See more on his website.

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