Key Management

Access to Dispatch's API is controlled through the use of API keys. Clients can be granted one or more API Keys. API keys can be generated through the Client Settings panel.

The API key you will use for authorization
A label to help you identify where you use the key. You can set the label after the key has been generated by editing the key.
How long it has been since the key was generated. API Keys should be rotated on a regular basis. You can have multiple active keys at a time.
Last Used
How long ago the API Key was used in a request. This value is updated once a day.



Two authentication methods are supported: HTTP Basic Authentication and a custom HTTP header.

  • HTTP Basic Authentication: Your username is your client name (visible to the right of 'Client' in the navigation bar. Your password is the API key obtained from your client settings.
  • Custom HTTP Header: A custom HTTP header can also be used for authentication. This is required if you are using the Java SDK available in UIOWA-Commons. For each request to Dispatch's API, just add the HTTP header x-dispatch-api-key with the API key as its value.


Communication over HTTPS is required.

API Reference

Go to API Reference Documentation for using Dispatch's API.

Java Developers: There is a Dispatch SDK available on AIS's Nexus Repository.