On the batch details panel you can see all the members that will receive the communication or have already received it if the batch has executed.

Errors on a communication

If the batch has any errors associated with it, you can see them on the "General Errors" section or filter them using the "Errors" button at the top of the panel. Members with an error will have the number of errors associated with that member denoted next to the recipient's name/address.

Population members

If you are previewing a communication, the recipient's name or address will appear on the left-side of the panel after the population has rendered. If you are viewing an already executed batch, the name or address will be immediately available. If neither toName or toAddress attributes are available in the population you will the member will be identified as "No Name Provided".

Member properties

For each member in the batch, you can see all the properties that were assigned to that member from the population by clicking the "View Member Properties" link.

Searching within members

For batches with a large number of recipients it can be helpful to search on rendered population for a specific member. On batches that have already executed you have the option to search on the members. The search is case-insensitive and works on the toName attribute of the member. The default behavior searches by what the name starts with. You can change that behavior to a "contains" operator by prefixing your search term with a "%" operator. For example, searching for "h" would match on "Hawk,Herky" but not "Smith,Hector". Searching for "%h" would match both "Hawk,Herky" and "Smith,Hector".

Hide activity

If for some reason you would want to hide a batch from the communication activity view, you can click the "Hide This Activity" link at the bottom of the panel. This make it invisible on the default communication activity view. You can find it using the "Hidden" visibility filter on the communication activity page. From there you can unhide it when you drill-down into the batch details.

Callback results

If callbacks were issued for the message they can viewed by clicking the View Callback Results link. The type of callback, method, url, result and response time will be reported.

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