Dispatch offers curated templates that you are free to use in your projects. These are curated templates that have been built to comply with UI branding standards where applicable. All curated templates support displaying various content blocks or images.

Using Curated Templates

Using curated templates is just like using any other dynamic template with Placeholders. From the Template Chooser on the Campaign page, you can click the tab for Curated templates. From there, just click the curated template you want to use. You will then be prompted to supply values for all the content blocks. If you click the More Templates button on the Template Chooser, the Curated Templates will be located at the end of the list of templates.

See the documentation for each Curated Template on what type of information each content block requires.

Customizing Curated Templates

If you think that one of the curated templates will almost, but not entirely meet your needs, you can certainly use one as a starting point. Click on the documentation for curated template you are interested in below. There are additional links there to the source files, both HTML and MJML. You can save those source files, edit them, and then create a new template in Dispatch using your customized version.

Templates Available

There are a few curated templates available for you to use directly or copy.

The templates have been created using MJML and compiled into HTML suitable for consumption on a wide-variety of email clients. Each curated template documented includes a sample message, links to source files and email client test results.

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