Client Settings are available to owners of a client and accessibile from the "Client Settings" tab on the menu bar. From this panel you control over settings that impact your Dispatch client, API keys, saved credentials, and security for your client.



Name for your client (required).


Description for your client (required).


Status for your client. Inactive clients are unable to schedule new batches and are denied access to API resources.

Message content retention

Retain an exact copy of the generated message content for each message. This is useful if you have audit requirements that would dictate you retain an exact copy of each message sent. If this feature is disabled, all message meta data is retained but when you attempt to view the content of a message that has been sent, the message content will be re-generated against a snapshotted version of the associated template with the member attributes You can override this value on each campaign.

Default message content retention period

Available if "Message content retention" is enabled. The default time frame that saved message content will be retained in the database. All message metadata will be retained, just the exact copy of the message content will be purged after this period of time has elapsed.

API Keys

API Keys can be generated for you to use in application integrations with Dispatch. See Security for more information on how to use these keys once they are generated for your client.

Saved Credentials

Saved credentials are securely saved username/password combinations for use in Populations and callbacks. Once you create a saved credential, it is available to all members of your client to reference.

Security and Permissions

You can control who has access to your client through the Security and Permissions section of Client Settings. Each user can be assigned the Owner and/or Staff roles.

  • Owner: This role gives the user the ability to see and use the Client Settings section for the client.
  • Staff: This role gives the user the ability to use all aspects of the client, except for the Client Settings section.

You can add any user of Dispatch to your client. However, you cannot not add a new user if they have not already been provisioned an account in Dispatch. For new accounts, please request access to Dispatch through this Workflow Form.
NOTE: The user must complete FERPA training before requesting access.

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