Dispatch offers the ability to search for messages sent within the past 12 months. Your search can be scoped to all campaigns, all communications in a campaign, or all messages in a communication.

Searchable fields

The default search window, based on the message send date, is set to the past 90 days. You can search the following fields:

  • Campaign Name
  • Communication Name
  • Email From Address
  • Email Subject
  • Email To Address
  • Name
  • Phone number

Search results

The search results that are returned will include a summary of what you searched for along with how many hits were returned.

Only the first 500 hits will be returned and the results will be sorted in descending order from most recent to oldest based on the date the message was sent. Narrow your search window to refine your search results.

From the search results you can visit the campaign or communication the message was sent from. You can also directly view the message as it was sent.

If a message was excluded from the communication when it was sent because the recipient was on the Suppression Listassociated with the sending communication, the send date will be struck through. The count of any errors or warnings assigned to the message will also be denoted next to the send date. To see the specific error or warning messages, view the message.