Dispatch extends the Freemarker templating language by way of custom tags. These add new functionality that incorporate Dispatch-specific features by way of directives. Custom Tags look a little different than normal HTML tags in that they have an @ symbol in them as such <@tagname />.


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More detailed documentation on using Social buttons/links are available in the Social links/buttons section.

View in browser

Sometimes, HTML email messages don't render correctly in an email client for a variety of reasons. A common practice is to offer the recipient the option to view the message in their web browser. Some email clients, like Outlook, automatically give the this option, but it is best to include it in your template.

To make offering these links easier, Dispatch has the <@viewinbrowser /> custom tag. This tag will print a link and take the user directly to a web version of the message. The link has a CSS class of view-browser so you can style the link however you want. There is only one optional attribute that alters the default link text.

Tag Attributes:

Attribute Required Description
text Optional The text of the link.

Default: View this message in your browser


Example 1: Link with the defaults

<@viewinbrowser />

Would render as:

Example 2: Link with alternative text

<@viewinbrowser text="Can't read this message?" />

Would render as: